Mr Motivator

BBC Tumble. by James Williamson

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I was recently asked to shoot behind the scene images for the new BBC show Tumble, on their promotional film shoot, by the agency An exciting project.  It quickly transpired that I had an opportunity to also shoot portraits of the talent.

So between myself and the ECD at Redbee, we came up with a plan.  Once we had the ok from the BBC, it was just a matter of trying to be in two places at once!

The day was full on, with capturing the behind the scenes filming,  then once the talent was free, rushing them back to the studio set up and producing a set of consistent portrait images. My idea was to capture them as if they had just finished their best move, that split second after presenting themselves to the judges, being proud and satisfied with their performance. It's not easy as most of the moves look the same, so we came up with a few shapes which lend themselves to the brief but that also give you a beautiful image. 

Once we had our set of images, it was off to the amazing boys at, to work their magic, adding a sense of drama and showmanship to the final grade.

Check out the BBC Tumble gallery in commissioned for the full set of images.