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Search and Rescue by James Williamson

This was a great project to be involved in. It was a personal project, come collaboration with a very good friend of mine James Turnbull. He's a digital director and on-call search rescue officer. This charity is very personal to him and it was my absolute pleasure to be asked to come up with some ideas for imagery to go with their winter marketing.

We shot this in one evening at three different locations. The people in the imagery are of real search and rescue officers. They all have day jobs and at any time can be called out to coordinate and work with the police for any part of the lowland rescue logistics. Search and Rescue are a bit like the RNLI for lakes, rivers, canals, forests etc.

With the full moon and a couple of hours of good light we got cracking. Powered by Tea and Jammie Dodgers at our disposal, with the temperature not being much above zero, we made it. I didn't fall in the lake or get lost in a forest! If I had, the right people were around.

Thanks a lot for the crew that helped out, let's hope we can raise awareness and save a few lives this winter.

Below is one of the images from the set, see the rest of the images on my commissioned page.

Retouching by the brilliant team at www. http://thirdeye.studio

Surry_resuce_1_w2a (1).jpg