Boots, Your Good Skin / by James Williamson

2017 was a very Busy Year, and I am just looking  back at some of the most interesting shoots i have ever created, including traveling to some far away places. 

This shoot, took in 7 flights in 7 days, 3 shoots, and some serious chicken wings. we Flew in to the USA and covered Kentucky, Kansas and New Orleans and Irland. 

To help Boots launch their first new brand in 25years we helped create community of women who helped each other with there skin problems. These women also helped co-creat the products and starred in a series of online mini documentrys."thanks Gary @swansandpetrol. for the quote" 

I had to pleasure of working with Gary from @studioartcommerce who art directed the stills shoot I shot, as well as the small documentary films.  I was commissioned to shoot  the stills campaign,  I also acted as second Camera operator as well as lighting the shots for the films, so I was very busy. 

I created a set of very natural Portraits, as well as images that helped put them in situations that they would never had done before the skin creat had been used,  retouching of the skin was banned,  the girls were very shy and nothing like this had ever happened to them before so a genteel approach was very much needed.  They were wounderful kind amazing ladies and we had a great shoot at all the locations.