BrewDog / by James Williamson

Brew dog launched the official Advertising campaign for Beer Punk IPA, with a fantastic campaign. Black and white shots of people that had invested in BrewDog, officially called #Equitypunks. 

So they decided to use me to photograph them, alongside the talented team at,  We collectively arranged to shoot a large group of people at the AGM, and then went on the mammoth tour round the UK,  to shoot some specially selected Punks with interesting hobbies or jobs. Here is a selection of the shots from both the AGM and the round the UK campaign. A special thanks to @floheiss @swansandpetrol @studioartcommerce @suegurner @samschaef @torsethomas @heidecohuu and the rest of the crew at the Agency.  Below Is a selection of images and art work for Poster and Press. 

The work has been picked up by The Drum and Contagious magazine, I am sure there will be more to follow. 


335452_Card Import_279.jpg
Static Digital Final Artworks-1.jpg
Static Digital Final Artworks-2.jpg
Static Digital Final Artworks-4.jpg