Search and Rescue by James Williamson

This was a great project to be involved in. It was a personal project, come collaboration with a very good friend of mine James Turnbull. He's a digital director and on-call search rescue officer. This charity is very personal to him and it was my absolute pleasure to be asked to come up with some ideas for imagery to go with their winter marketing.

We shot this in one evening at three different locations. The people in the imagery are of real search and rescue officers. They all have day jobs and at any time can be called out to coordinate and work with the police for any part of the lowland rescue logistics. Search and Rescue are a bit like the RNLI for lakes, rivers, canals, forests etc.

With the full moon and a couple of hours of good light we got cracking. Powered by Tea and Jammie Dodgers at our disposal, with the temperature not being much above zero, we made it. I didn't fall in the lake or get lost in a forest! If I had, the right people were around.

Thanks a lot for the crew that helped out, let's hope we can raise awareness and save a few lives this winter.

Below is one of the images from the set, see the rest of the images on my commissioned page.

Retouching by the brilliant team at www.

Surry_resuce_1_w2a (1).jpg

Boots, Your Good Skin by James Williamson

2017 was a very Busy Year, and I am just looking  back at some of the most interesting shoots i have ever created, including traveling to some far away places. 

This shoot, took in 7 flights in 7 days, 3 shoots, and some serious chicken wings. we Flew in to the USA and covered Kentucky, Kansas and New Orleans and Irland. 

To help Boots launch their first new brand in 25years we helped create community of women who helped each other with there skin problems. These women also helped co-creat the products and starred in a series of online mini documentrys."thanks Gary @swansandpetrol. for the quote" 

I had to pleasure of working with Gary from @studioartcommerce who art directed the stills shoot I shot, as well as the small documentary films.  I was commissioned to shoot  the stills campaign,  I also acted as second Camera operator as well as lighting the shots for the films, so I was very busy. 

I created a set of very natural Portraits, as well as images that helped put them in situations that they would never had done before the skin creat had been used,  retouching of the skin was banned,  the girls were very shy and nothing like this had ever happened to them before so a genteel approach was very much needed.  They were wounderful kind amazing ladies and we had a great shoot at all the locations. 



BrewDog by James Williamson

Brew dog launched the official Advertising campaign for Beer Punk IPA, with a fantastic campaign. Black and white shots of people that had invested in BrewDog, officially called #Equitypunks. 

So they decided to use me to photograph them, alongside the talented team at,  We collectively arranged to shoot a large group of people at the AGM, and then went on the mammoth tour round the UK,  to shoot some specially selected Punks with interesting hobbies or jobs. Here is a selection of the shots from both the AGM and the round the UK campaign. A special thanks to @floheiss @swansandpetrol @studioartcommerce @suegurner @samschaef @torsethomas @heidecohuu and the rest of the crew at the Agency.  Below Is a selection of images and art work for Poster and Press. 

The work has been picked up by The Drum and Contagious magazine, I am sure there will be more to follow. 


335452_Card Import_279.jpg
Static Digital Final Artworks-1.jpg
Static Digital Final Artworks-2.jpg
Static Digital Final Artworks-4.jpg

Cadbury and Merlin Entertainment by James Williamson

A recent set of images to promote the fun and enjoyment of theme parks and chocolate, whats not to like. Working with the amazing people at,  a really fun shoot, with lots of elements paced together to become a seamless exciting shot with a little humour.  We also shot a set of boomerangs that appeared on social media. Check out to see them. 

This Girl Can by James Williamson

M and S Shots_James Williamson_01-2-9.jpg

This Was a huge honour to be commissioned to shoot the latest campaign for the very successful campaign "This Girl Can" Devised By FCB Inferno, for Sport England, to encourage women to participate in more sport, no matter what shape or size or ability. To date the campaign has won 45 awards and continue to be very successful. 

With Marks& Spencer's,   Sport England have teamed up and released a series of clothes Sporting the now famous saying "this girl can".

We had a two day location shoot,  featuring some of the ladies that have appeared in the poster and TV campaigns, with some new faces as well. 



Its You or Ruud by James Williamson


Football, beer and a quick trip to Amsterdam. This was a great shoot to be involved in, combining CGI and photography always has its challenges that and the fact a certain Mr Rudd Van Nistelrooy is a very busy man. made for a challenge. 

With the team at Geomatery Global, Great art direction for Richard Morgan and help from, We created a bright engaging visual for inshore point of sale, and Poster, i have even seen it on a taxi. 

Berghaus by James Williamson

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 22.36.21.png

Lazers, Warehouses and floating jackets.

Would could possible go wrong, Thankfully after two days in the studio shooting the jackets, the lazers and warehouse was created by, and between us it was a match made in heaven, Working with the Boys from Love Creative, these intreacate set of images were created, For now and ever, I will never be wet up a mountain again.

See the full set in the Commissions Gallery. 



BBC Tumble. by James Williamson

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 22.46.26.png

I was recently asked to shoot behind the scene images for the new BBC show Tumble, on their promotional film shoot, by the agency An exciting project.  It quickly transpired that I had an opportunity to also shoot portraits of the talent.

So between myself and the ECD at Redbee, we came up with a plan.  Once we had the ok from the BBC, it was just a matter of trying to be in two places at once!

The day was full on, with capturing the behind the scenes filming,  then once the talent was free, rushing them back to the studio set up and producing a set of consistent portrait images. My idea was to capture them as if they had just finished their best move, that split second after presenting themselves to the judges, being proud and satisfied with their performance. It's not easy as most of the moves look the same, so we came up with a few shapes which lend themselves to the brief but that also give you a beautiful image. 

Once we had our set of images, it was off to the amazing boys at, to work their magic, adding a sense of drama and showmanship to the final grade.

Check out the BBC Tumble gallery in commissioned for the full set of images.